WebWatcher is one of the best computer monitoring software because it lets you remotely:

  • Read emails either sent or received
  • Monitor Instant Messages and Chats
  • Monitor every webpage visited and how long the session was.
  • Block access to inappropriate websites
  • Capture every keystroke typed
  • Limit access to specific programs (block programs & set schedules for use)
  • Take Screenshots of the screen – including graphics and video
  • Monitor and control Laptops! WebWatcher is currently the best software to remotely monitor remote activity.
  • Trigger keywords alert you by email whenever encountered in real time!

Unparalleled StealthTechnology!

WebWatcher’s stealth module was developed by former NSA programmers. WebWatcher’s monitoring software doesn’t appear in the Registry, Process List, System Tray, or in the Add/Remove Programs.

Well Researched Reviews

“The best monitoring and filtering software available. Nothing else even comes close. It allows you to monitor a computer from the web so that you donít have to keep checking from the computer you’re monitoring.”

“As the only truly web-based computer activity / Internet monitor, WebWatcher is in a league of its own. With a complete suite of powerful features included, WebWatcher has the rare ability of both effective monitoring and web site blocking.”

The WebWatcher computer monitoring software lets you:

  • Monitor multiple computers from any location
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • It’s easy to install & use
  • Easy to use. Begin using immediately, without having to read a manual.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back
  • Award-Winning blocking capabilities