Advanced Parental Control

Advanced Parental Control allows you the  controling and monitoring of your home users. you can now provide the safe Internet environment that you want for your family.As the administrator you can limit the length of each use and the timing (when users are allowed to use the computer). Advanced Parental Control also denies the use of specific programs at your will, blocks access to specific web sites and more.

Using this software you can also limit or totally block chatting or even intercept the user if specific keywords (your specify which) are present within a web page. Apart for its great controling abilities, Advanced Parental Control also records the user’s activities, screenshots, keystrokes and more.

Product Benefits:

  • Custom (and enforced) schedule for your child’s computer usage (multi users option).
  • Automatic warnning & lockdown when the user’s allowed time is up.
  • Manage when and for how long they can use the internet.
  • Block web sites containing any keywords you choose or by website name/url.
  • Block or limit the use-time for any program.
  • Record chosen activities, screenshots, keystrokes and web sites visited.
  • The administration tools are accessible and visible only to the administrator – YOU!

Product Features Highlights:

tmgtOnline/Offline Time Management

The main advantage of Advanced Parental Control is the Time Management system. You can specify how long and when your child is allowed to use the pc OR the Internet. Each child can be assigned different times, time limits and permissions. An optional 2 minutes logoff warning can be shown.

  • Daily/Weekly Limits & Scheduling – Completely block pc usage for the hours you specify either daily or weekly or  set general time limits for each child.
  • Online Time Management – Restrict access to the Internet specifically, either in time limits or per specific hours. This lets your kids use the pc but restricts their access to the internet by your configuration.

filtercapActivity Filtering Capabilities

With Advanced Parental Control you can completely block specific applications  or allow them at certain times. You can also block web sites based on the site’s name or trigger keywords you specify. (ie -you can block any page containing “sex” or “myspace” within the page’s text or web address).

  • Application Restriction &  Scheduling – Selected users (or all) can be restricted to specific uses of the computer. If they try to run the unapproved application it will be blocked. Scheduling is optional here too.
  • Web Site & Keyword Filtering – Enter a list of sites and keywords that you do not want a selected user to encounter. If the user tries to access a site within that list OR a listed keyword has been locaed in the site’s content (prior to the page being seen), it won’t load and a blank screen will be shown.

support_lock_48Pre Defined Restrictions

Advanced Parental Control has compiled groups of tweaks that you can turn on easily. These tweaks restrict users from accessing potentialy problematic parts of the operating system. For example you can disable the Control Panel, Task Manager and/or the Start Menu or specific drives (such as D:).

monitorcapMonitoring Capabilities

Stealth monitoring is optional via various recordings that can be captured if needed. You can capture actual screenshots as often as every second. You can also log every keystroke typed, including protected passwords! .

  • Screenshot Reporting – Record an actual picture of the window being visited (online and offline). The built-in viewer includes date and time stamps along with the title of the current window.
  • Web Sites Reporting – You can record a list of every web site your child/ren visited, along with time and date.
  • Keystrokes logger– Record each key typed on your computer’s keyboard, general, or for specific applications only.

securityoptSecurity & Stealth

Advanced Parental Control has no visible icons and is not shown up in the taskbar. Only you can access the interface!

useEasy To Use

Advanced Parental Control was designed for home users, is very easy to use and comes with complete instructions and support, including Live Chat and 24 hour priority email support.

  • Intuitive Interface – The easy interface helps you learn the program in no time.
  • Easy Configuration – Setting up Advanced Parental Control is easy and user friendly!
  • Easy to Read Reports!
  • Online and Offline Help – Advanced Parental Control includes full support, an internal help system and a live chat support as well as a knowledge base and 24 hour email support.
  • System Requirements – Advanced Parental Control requires minimal system resources.