Hidetools Parental Control

Hidetools parental control software is a computer nanny that mixespowerful web filterand applications blockeralong with progressivecomputer monitoring abilities!
Hidetools lets you monitor your child’s pc activity and provides you with full reports via email. Hidetools invisibly logs keystrokes, visited websites, used programs,  screenshots, and more.
Hidetools Parental Control can block Internet applications (web browsers, chats and instant messengers), games, and websites upon demand.
Hidetools includes a powerful, fully customizable Internet filters that protect your child from abusive websites and thus secures your child’s Internet safety.


  • Hidetools Parental Control lets you monitor every keystroke typed on your child’s computer along with the program title and the session time.
  • Hidetools Parental Control can track all visited website addresses, website titles and time of visit.
  • Hidetools Parental Control tracks all used applications along with the time & length it was actually used.
  • Hidetools Parental Control lets you control the time your child spends on the pc.
  • HidetoolsParental Control captures screenshots of the screen at any interval you decide.
  • With remote monitoring feature HidetoolsParental Control automatically sends the reports to your email.
  • Hidetools Parental Control has a powerful Internet filter that blocks websites by category of your choice. Hidetools Parental Control also utilizes a web blocker let you block websites by specific URL.
  • Hidetools Parental Control can block any browser, chat software, instant messaging software, games and applications which you choose to deny access to.
  • Hidetools Parental Control is completly stealth!