In a nutshell, IamBigBrother will capture ALL passwords typed, record all MySpace, Facebook, Twitter interactions, record BOTH SIDES of MSN, Yahoo, Skype, AOL Instant Messages, record INCOMING and OUTGOING Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail.

IamBigBrother also works in total stealth mode and cannot be bypassed or detected by user. It will also not slow down the computer.


  • IamBigBrother Records all incoming and outgoing email for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL web and some more, which many programs cannot do for incoming web emails, like Hotmail or Yahoo. IamBigBrother gets everything as it happens…including PASSWORDS!
  • IamBigBrother Logs all websites visited and reports to you with a complete list of all URLs, title and time visited.
  • IamBigBrother Captures Screen Shots! This feature is auto triggered when certain keywords are typed. If any of the words you setup are typed, IamBigBrother will capture the whole screen and save it for later viewing by the parent.
  • IamBigBrother Logs All Text Typed And Programs Run Whatever your child typed online or offline will be saved. All programs opened will be logged also. Find out everything your child is doing on the computer.
  • IamBigBrother is Super Stealth and will not slow down your computer, or do anything noticeable to the user.