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Visikid is a rather different parental control software than the other sofware in the market. Visikid is taking the educative role in regards to your child’s safety on the internet. Rather than blocking & denying access, Visikid is teaching and tutoring.

Visikid is collecting intelligence about visited websites and used applications. It is also timing the child’s sessions in front of the monitor. Visikid’s control is given only to the administrator, the parent.

Parents can access the gathered information along with their children and easily verify if the domestic decisions regarding time spent at the computer or avoiding inappropriate content, are being followed properly.
Nevertheless, Visikid is just as good a monitor for older children, with less honest intentions at heart. It cannot be stopped or avoided by the average/more advanced user.

Visikid is a better parental supervision solution.

Why? As opposed to forbidding and forcing your child to a set of rules, Visikid is not blocking nor forbidding anything. It only lets monitor whether the child behaves the way we taught them and agreed upon in concerns to pc usage. Given the fact that the child deserves this trust, we can switch to an oversight role, no more, no less.


Talking to a child is a better way to teach him responsible use of the internet and PC.

Visikid does just that. It is there to provoke a conversation and debate. If the parent acknowledges that the child is using the computer in the wrong way, he must talk to the child, explain and induce the change of attitude. Visikid doesn’t have the  “block” button, because it isn’t the right way to educate a child.

Children Privacy.

Visikid isn’t stealth, but the opposite – it is completly visible on the system tray. Again, we do not spy on our kids, we are with them, to explain and educate, and better their ways.